Durable western Leather shoulder holsters

Since 1950, the Kirkpatrick Leather Company cowboy holsters factory has been one of the planet’s best Manufacturers of leather holsters. On this site, we offer various custom made leather examples in any type, from western-style to oriental design.

Western gun belts and holsters Are made for 2 years for Hunters, ranchersathletes or even athletes. This site has a exact superior reputation for constructing durable and hard working western leather shoulder holsters. They use simply the finest and most powerful American vegetable-tanned leather. The bespoke holsters and straps are constructed of top 8- to 9-ounce leather.

The best leather instances

The best weapons crossdraw Holsters are created with this website that gives a safe and handy means to disguise your favourite weapon. New hidden carry designs protect your firearm whilst providing instant access when required.

Made up of low-profile layouts and tradition attributes, the leather Holsters support hide your weapon. That is reached by integrating designs presumed over the several years. Like the employment of two containment points so that your weapon will probably mount firmly onto your own belt and keep in place without moving. Wearing the cover, so it is located flat on the body to get relaxation plus remains open for easy re-adjustment.

Types for high security

To ensure that the products provide you with decades old worry-free Service, just the best materials available are used. They are stitched with seven-string nylon ribbon on heavy-duty sewing devices along with double-stitched in all important parts to make certain they survive.

Cowboy holsters have been very happy currently being made in the united states as 1950. Every single holster is Handcrafted, one , in Texas’s great state with just the best possible American leather. Enter the website and take a look in the catalog of services and products offered by this esteemed company. In the event you want to customize your case, contact these to reach exactly what you would like.