Kyle Farmer takes fastball to the face in horrifying moment vs White Sox (Video)

Minnesota Twins slugger Kyle Farmer was hit in the face with a four-seam fastball vs the White Sox, but thankfully was able to walk off the field.

Kyle Farmer was forced to exit a game against the Chicago White Sox thanks to a hit by pitch. Farmer took a 92 MPH four-seam fastball from Lucas Giolito to the face.

Surely, Giolito had no intent behind his up-and-in fastball, but lost control of it. Farmer tried to duck out of the way, but it was too late. Thankfully, it appears his helmet took the brunt of the contact.

Twins: Kyle Farmer injured against the White Sox

Farmer came up to bat with a runner on third base, and a chance to knock in a run. He left shortly thereafter. Puckett Pond’s Josh Hill summarized the event, and the aftermath:

“He (Farmer) remained on the ground for several minutes as trainers from both dugouts rushed to assist him. Paramedics were initially being called out as well but were quickly waved off — the first good sign in an otherwise concerning situation.

Miracuously, Farmer was able to walk off under his own power although needed the assistance of trainers to guide him as he held a towel to his face.”

Farmer only made an appearance this game because Carlos Correa was held out . Correa has back tightness, and should not be out long-term. As for Farmer, it’s unclear just how serious his injury is at this juncture, but it’s safe to assume he’ll get a few days off.

The super-utility player Farmer has experience at shortstop, second base and third base in his big-league career. On a team like the Twins which emphasizes versatility, Farmer excels. He should have a spot on this roster when he returns.