eSports FanDuel single game contest picks: Fnatic vs. Mad Lions

This Friday, the LEC presents the FanDuel/DFS community with a single game contest that features a battle between the Mad Lions and Fnatic. Let’s take a look at this one game slate from a fantasy perspective!

Before I dive into my player selections let’s review the rules for the FanDuel single game contest.

You will have $60,000 to utilize on five players from either team. Your team will consist of three utility players, one MVP and one star. The MVP will receive two times the standard FanDuel points. The star will receive 1.5 times the standard Fanduel points and the remaining three utility players will receive the standard FanDuel points. Having stated that, it is imperative that you select the correct players in the MVP and star positions of your lineup if you hope to take down a single game contest.

If you have additional questions regarding this single game contest I recommend that you check out the FanDuel website for more details.

Here are my player selections for Friday’s single game contest!


Rekkles-Fnatic $16,500

Yes, I am aware that the Fnatics ADC Rekkles did not have a great game in his last outing. I am not concerned. Why is that you may ask? Well, let me provide some definitive data to answer that question. In the Fnatics four games that occurred prior to last week’s game, Rekkles posted some outstanding numbers. More specifically, in the four game span just mentioned, Rekkles compiled 25 kills and 23 assists! Additionally, in the four game span just noted, Rekkles average kill percentage was a whopping 81.98% per game! I fully expect that Rekkles will bounce back from last week’s disappointing performance and will post an outstanding FanDuel point total!


Bwipo-Fnatic $13,500

Bwipo currently leads all top lane players in the LEC in the following categories: share of team’s total damage to champions (24.9%) and average number of kills per game (3.5). In sixteen games played this season, Bwipo has an overall kill percentage of 64.5% and 84.8 total assists. Additionally, in his last two games played, Bwipo is averaging an impressive 29.83 FanDuel points a game.

Utility Players

Humanoid-Mad Lions $14,500

Humanoid has been producing consistent and quality play from the mid lane position for the Mad Lions this season. Humanoid has a current creep score of nine per minute, averages 4.9 assists a game and has a kill percentage of 65% for the season.

Selfmade-Fnatic $7,500

Through 16 games this season, Selfmade is averaging 2.8 kills and 6.1 assists a game. More recently, Selfmade has compiled four kills and 12 assists in his last two games. I willing to take the risk/reward approach on Selfmade at a FanDuel price of only $7,500.

Hylissang-Fnatic $7,000

In the Fnatics last two games, Hylissang is averaging 19.64 FanDuel points a game. That is a decent average fantasy point total from the support position.

As always, good luck!