eSports DFS: Draftkings LCS Player Selections

This Saturday, the LCS presents the Draftkings/DFS community with a five-game slate, but what should you look for from a fantasy perspective?

If you’re looking to get a fantasy sports fix amid this sports hiatus, what better time than now to wade into the world of fantasy eSports?

It should be noted that I am not providing a specific lineup. However, I am providing player options at each position in an effort to assist the reader in generating a unique specific lineup. Come along, let’s hop down this rabbit hole together.

Top Lane

Licorice-Cloud9 $6,800

The chalk play in the top lane will very likely be TSM’s exceptionally talented Broken Blade. I do like Broken Blade to play well. After all, there is a reason that Broken Blade arrives on this slate as the highest priced player at the top lane position. However, due to the fact that Broken Blade is chalky and arrives on the slate at a Draftkings price of $7,400, I am going to pivot to Cloud9’s Licorice.

Why do I like Licorice in the top lane? As of this writing, the Action Network notes that Cloud9 is a -275 favorite in the team’s game versus Evil Geniuses. Additionally, Cloud9 is currently the best team in the LCS. Cloud9 currently sits atop the LCS standings with a record of 15 wins and one loss. It has to be said that 15 wins in 16 games is very impressive.

Licorice is a big part of the reason that Cloud9 has dominated the LCS this season. Through 16 games this season, Licorice has a kill percentage of 49.4%, a creep score of 8.7 per minute, and averages 5.5 assists per game.


Blaber-Cloud9 $7,800

Continuing my belief that Cloud9 will perform very well this week, I am rolling with Blaber at the Jungler position. Through 16 games this season, Blaber is averaging 27.9 Draftkings points a game, 3.7 kills a game and 7.3 assists per game.  Blaber also leads all junglers in the LCS with an average creep score of 5.9 per minute.

Mid Lane

Bjergsen-Team SoloMid 8,000

Last week, Team SoloMid decided to change strategies versus team Immortals. Bjergsen went with champion Diana in an attempt to mix things up. Well, it did not go well. TSM went on to lose to Immortals last week and mid laner Bjergsen did not perform well. I think that TSM will shift back to a more conservative approach with regard to Bjergsen. I expect Bjergsen to select a champion that better suits his game. Let us not forget that Bjergsen accumulated a whopping 50 Draftkings points versus Cloud9 earlier this month. Cloud9 is the best team in the LCS!


Doublelift-Team Liquid $7,400

ADC Doublelift compiled an impressive 32.6 Draftkings points in last week’s win over the Golden Guardians. Last week’s win broke a three game losing streak for Team Liquid. The team needs to keep winning if they want to make the playoffs. I fully expect that Doublelift will perform at a high level on Saturday!


Smoothie-Counter Logic Gaming $4,800

Looking for some salary relief I am going with Smoothie at the support position. Be cautioned that Counter Logic Gaming does draw the best team in the LCS in Cloud9 this week. However, Cloud9 has sealed the top position in the playoffs. Maybe Cloud9 pulls the foot off the gas pedal and allows Smoothie to score. At a Draftkings price of only $4,800, I think it is worth the risk. After all, if you hope to take down a large GPP (guaranteed prize pool) tournament you are going to have to assume risk.


Team Liquid $5,000

Team Liquid is in a must win situation. A loss on Saturday will result in the team missing the playoffs. In direct contrast to that, Team Liquid’s opponent this week, FlyQuest, is not in a must win situation. FlyQuest has sealed up a playoff spot. FlyQuest will merely be playing for playoff positioning. I think Team Liquid will come out more motivated which will result in a narrow victory over FlyQuest.

As always, good luck!