eSports FanDuel single game contest picks: G2 vs. Mad Lions

This Friday, FanDuel presents the DFS community with a single game contest that features a battle of LEC teams! Let’s take a look at this single game slate from a fantasy perspective.

Before I dive into my FanDuel player selections let’s review the rules for the single game contest.

You will have $60,000 to utilize on five players from either team. Your team will consist of three utility players, one MVP, and one star. The MVP position will receive two times the standard FanDuel points. The star position will receive 1.5 times the standard FanDuel points and the remaining three utility positions will receive the standard FanDuel points. Having stated that, it is imperative that you select the correct players for your MVP and star positions if you want to take down a GPP (guaranteed prize pool) single game contest.

If you have any additional questions regarding the single game contest I recommend that you check out the FanDuel website for more details.

*It should be noted that the match up between G2 and Mad Lions will be a best of three. All stats from this best of three will be part of the scoring for this slate.

Here are my player selections for the FanDuel single game contest featuring G2 vs. Mad Lions.


Jankos-G2 $15,500

I often hear in the DFS community that you have to get a mid laner or an ADC into the MVP position if you hope to win a large field GPP tournament. I disagree. Sure as a general rule that may be the case more often than the other positions. However, I have certainly seen times other positions in the MVP slot for lineups that win large field tournaments.

Having stated that, I am pivoting away from the mid lane and ADC position for my MVP selection in this single game contest. I am rolling with G2’s very talented Jankos as my MVP. Jankos leads all junglers in the entire LEC in the following categories: average kills per game (5.3), average assists per game (8.2), a creep score of 5.4 per minute, and damage to champions of 388 per minute. Additionally, in his last four games played, Jankos is averaging a whopping 48.56 FanDuel points a game! That is the type of consistent fantasy production I am looking for from my MVP spot!


Caps-G2 $16,000

In the star position I am going with G2’s Caps. G2’s talented ADC has put up some outstanding statistics this season. More specifically, through 18 games this season, Caps has a kill percentage of 73.9%, a creep score of 7.9 per minute, and has a total team damage percentage to champions of 27.8%. I also like Caps overall aggression in league of legends play. An illustration of that aggression can clearly be seen in this season’s data: Caps current first blood percentage is 50%

Utility Players

Humanoid-Mad Lions $10,500

Based on my research, the mid lane players on losing teams tend to score high fantasy points. Based on that data, Humanoid’s overall talent, and my belief that the Mad Lions will lose this game I making Humanoid one of my utility player selections for this single game contest. In his last four games played, Humanoid is averaging a respectable 26.61 FanDuel points a game.

Shadow-Mad Lions $9,000

As I looked for some needed salary relief for my lineup, it became apparent to me rather quickly that Shadow was a good fit as a utility selection. In his last game played, Shadow accumulated a whopping 42.48 FanDuel points! Additionally, in the game just mentioned, Shadow compiled 11 assists and six kills.

G2 $8,500

I am rolling with the G2 team as my final utility selection. G2 currently sits in first place of the LEC with a record of 15 wins and only three losses. Yes, I know that the Mad Lions are a quality team. However, in my opinion G2 will ultimately prevail in this contest. Team G2 accumulated 21 FanDuel points in last week’s win over Misfits gaming.

As always, good luck!