eSports DFS: FanDuel LEC/LCS player selections

This Saturday, the LEC and LCS will present the FanDuel community with a two game slate. Let’s take a look at this slate from a fantasy perspective!

It should be noted that I am not providing a specific lineup. However, I am providing player selections at each position in an effort to assist the reader in generating a unique lineup.

Here are my FanDuel player selections for Saturday’s two game LEC/LCS slate.

Top Lane

Bwipo-Fnatics $8,600

This was an easy decision for me. Why? Well, Bwipo is arguably the best top laner in the world. The Fnatics have won eight of the team’s last ten games. Additionally, the Fnatics have made the LEC Finals in three of the last four seasons. Yes, I know that the Fnatics split the regular season series with team Origen. However, I am not concerned. This is the playoffs after all. It should also be noted that Bwipo leads all top laners in the LEC in average kills per game (3.5).


Selfmade-Fnatics $8,900

My selection at the jungler position is the Fnatics Selfmade. Selfmade certainly knows how to score fantasy points. In his last game played, Selfmade compiled a whopping 67.08 FanDuel points in the Fnatics win over Team Vitality. Selfmade also checks the box for me when it comes to key statistics. Through 18 games played this season, Selfmade has a kill participation percentage of 62.2% and averages 6.5 assists per game.

Mid Lane

Jiizuke-Evil Geniuses $9,400

The Evil Geniuses will take on Flyquest on Saturday afternoon. This should be a competitive game. However, I like the Evil Geniuses to get the victory. One of the reasons I the like Evil Geniuses to defeat Flyquest is mid laner Jiizuke. Yes, I know that Flyquest’s mid laner PowerofEvil is a talented player. I also know that PoweofEvil has struggled in his last two games. In direct contrast to that, Jiizuke played outstanding in the Evil Geniuses game versus team Immortals last week. In the game just mentioned, Jiizuke compiled an impressive 40.52 FanDuel points.

Rekkles-Fnatic $10,200

How good is Rekkles? Well, he is in the conversation for the MVP of the LEC Spring season for a reason. He is easily the best ADC in the LEC in my opinion. He leads all ADC players in the LEC in average kills per game (5.3), creep score per minute (10.1), and gold per minute (476).


Zeyzal-Evil Geniuses $7,900

In his last three games played, Zeyzal is averaging 21.03 FanDuel points a game. In the three game span just mentioned Zeyzal accumulated 29 assists, three kills, and a creep score of 105. Getting that type of production from the support position is certainly what I am looking for!

As always, good luck!