eSports FanDuel single game picks: FlyQuest vs. Golden Guardians

This Tuesday, FanDuel presents the FanDuel community with a single game contest that features a battle of LCS teams! Let’s take a look at this single game slate from a fantasy perspective!

Before I dive into my FanDuel player selections let’s review the rules for the single game contest.

You will have $60,000 to utilize on five players from either team. Your team will consist of three utility players, one MVP, and one star.  The MVP position will receive two times the standard FanDuel points. The star position will receive 1.5 times the standard FanDuel points and the remaining three utility positions will receive the standard FanDuel points. Having stated that, it is imperative that you select the correct players for your MVP and star positions if you want to win a GPP (guaranteed prize pool) contest.

If you have any additional questions regarding the single game contest I recommend that you check out the FanDuel website for more details.

Here are my player selections for the FanDuel single game contest featuring FlyQuest vs. Golden Guardians.


FBI-Golden Guardians $15,000

I am going with the Golden Guardians ADC FBI at my MVP position. Why? Well, let me answer that question by first looking at the two teams on this single game slate. The Golden Guardians are a team that is currently riding a three game winning streak that propelled them into the playoffs by the slimmest of margins. The Golden Guardians started the season very slow, but managed to turn the tide and found a way to get into the playoffs.

In direct contrast to that, FlyQuest started the spring season playing very well only to fade down the stretch. FlyQuest has lost five of the team’s last seven games. It should be noted that FlyQuest lost to the Golden Guardians in the seven game span just indicated.

The Golden Guardians FBI has been playing outstanding during the team’s current three game winning streak. In his last three games played, FBI has accumulated 15 kills and 15 assists. Additionally, in the three game span just noted, FBI has an average kill participation percentage of 70.69%.


Goldenglue-Golden Guardians $8,000

Goldenglue has been a big reason why the Golden Guardians team got hot in the latter part of the regular season. In his last three games played, Goldenglue has compiled 20 assists and nine kills. It has to be said that I just love the aggression that the Golden Guardians mid laner has been putting on display over the last month. In his last game played (a Guardians win over the Dignitas), Goldenglue had a kill participation percentage of 81.3%!

Utility Players

PowerOfEvil-FlyQuest $15,500

I think that PowerOfEvil will be a member of the losing team this week, However, I think that he will post a high number of FanDuel points in this best of five playoff match-up. An example of PowerOfEvil’s ability to put up a large number of fantasy points can be seen in FlyQuest’s last game. In FlyQuest’s recent loss to Evil Geniuses, PowerOfEvil accumulated 95.98 FanDuel points.

Santorin-FlyQuest $12,000

Through 19 games of the Spring season, FlyQuest’s jungler Santorin has a first blood percentage of 42.1%, a kill participation percentage of 76.6%, averages 2.1 kills per game, and averages 6.1 assists per game.

Team Golden Guardians $7,000

Although I do think that the game between FlyQuest and the Golden Guardians will be a close battle, I think that the best team will get the victory. In my opinion, that team will be the Golden Guardians. Additionally, if the Golden Guardians could somehow pull off a sweep of this best of five match-up, they could post a high number of FanDuel points on Tuesday afternoon.

As always, good luck!