Cubs: Latest Dansby Swanson injury update and what it means

Dansby Swanson of the Chicago Cubs had a human moment on Tuesday night, forcing him to leave the game after recording four hits.

Swanson did his part, picking up four hits and continuing his red-hot start to the regular season. Dansby signed a seven-year, $177 million contract during the offseason, and is the highest-paid player on the current Chicago roster.

On Tuesday night, though, Swanson was a concerned husband. His wife, Mallory, is a star on the USWNT, but suffered a severe injury in a friendly that will force her to miss the World Cup. Dansby has been with his wife every step of the way, but surgery prep and rehab can be exhausting on any couple.

Swanson went out for warm-ups in the top of the sixth inning, but quickly took himself out of the game.

As the star shortstop put it, “ my body was just kind of done .”

Why Dansby Swanson left the Cubs game, explained

Swanson took his wife to the hospital at 4 a.m. for surgery, and then joined up with his team, which played the Seattle Mariners on Tuesday. It was a long day, to say the least.

“She’s all right,” Dansby Swanson said, per The Athletic . “Everybody knows it’s a pretty tough and heartbreaking situation. I’m heartbroken for her, just a lot of tears and sadness. Two things can be true at the same time: We can be sad and upset, but we can also understand God’s bigger picture and plans. We’ll get through it together.”

Dansby played a very active role in the Cubs seven-run comeback against the Mariners, a game which they eventually won 14-9. He’s played a major part in changing the Cubs culture early this season. On Tuesday, though, he recognized it was necessary to take a step back for his mental health.

“I felt like doing anything more probably would have put me in harm’s way,” Swanson added.

A human moment, courtesy of Dansby Swanson. The Cubs star said he expects to be back in the lineup on Friday.