Aaron Boone tossed after Guardians get away with bogus challenge (Video)

New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone was tossed from his team’s game in Cleveland after the Guardians broke MLB rules and got away with it.

In the bottom of the first inning in New York’s Wednesday afternoon tilt against the Cleveland Guardians, Aaron Hicks appeared to make a diving catch in center field, thus robbing Bo Naylor of a single. However, upon further review, Hicks apparently trapped the baseball, per the umps.

So, the umps may have gotten it wrong . That’s what instant replay is for!

Of course, there are rules in place. First, the umpires gathered on the field and took far too long to make a decision. Eventually, they upheld their ruling of a Hicks catch in center. Second, the Guardians have 15 seconds to challenge the catch or else it should stand as called. Instead, Terry Francona and Co. had several minutes to decide.

Cleveland challenged and got the call reversed.

Aaron Boone was rightly furious, as the Guardians hadn’t challenged the play in the required timespan. Still, the umpires reviewed the play and gifted Cleveland a run as a result.

Yankees, Aaron Boone have every right to be furious at Guardians, umpires

New York could very well go on and win this game, but they’ll have to do so without their manager, Aaron Boone. Boone was fuming out of the dugout, and wasn’t about to give the umpires any credence.

The argument from the umpire perspective is a simple one — the clock for the Guardians to challenge the play did not start until an official decision was made. That official decision appears to have come after they gathered, despite the second-base umpire deeming Hicks catch and out on the spot.

Still, one look at Francona after the play doesn’t exactly scream a sense of urgency. Even he thought Hicks caught the ball.

These umpires have some explaining to do.